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Dr. Mahidhar Valeti


Dr. Mahidhar Valeti is one of the leading & most renowned bariatric surgeons in India. He is one of the first surgeons to kick start bariatric procedures in India. With a career in GI Surgery & Bariatric surgery spanning over 25 years, he is held in high esteem in the field of bariatrics & metabolic surgery.

Bariatric Surgery isn’t Just Life Changing. It is also Life Saving… – Dr. Mahidhar Valeti

He modeled Dr.Mahidhar Valeti’s Bariatric & Diabetic Surgery Center to provide compassionate world-class care for bariatric patients. He developed comprehensive surgical weight loss programs to include multiple disciplines like cardiologists, diabetologists, nutritionists delivering the best possible results to obesity patients. His team regarded as one of the best GI & bariatric surgery teams in the country has over 20,000 successful bariatric surgeries to its name.

He founded OBECURE Foundation to bring together the people suffering from obesity & help them connect with dietitians, nutritionists & weight loss experts.

Chief Consultant Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon


Dr. Mahidhar Valeti’s Bariatric & Diabetic Surgery Center is committed to delivering comprehensive and compassionate surgical weight loss treatment that includes minimally-invasive bariatric surgery, fitness programs, and a long-term postoperative follow-up program to deliver the best possible outcomes for each of our patients.

Our Vision

We at Dr. Mahidhar Valeti’s Bariatric & Diabetic Surgery Center has a vision of obesity free India. We have put up a consistent fight against obesity from last 15 years, not just by using bariatric surgery but also by means of obesity awareness programs. We founded OBECURE foundation to bring awareness among the people about obesity & its related health conditions.

Our team of obesity specialists includes world-renowned specialists from a variety of medical disciplines including cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology and obstetrics. Our team provides our bariatric surgery patients with preoperative and postoperative support and care.



The Best in Technology meets the Best in healthcare

The success of your bariatric surgery depends on the team of bariatric surgeons, fitness experts, dietitians & post-operative care.  We are proud of our team of bariatric surgeons & medical professionals. The team with experience spanning over 25 years have an unparalleled reputation in the field of bariatrics.

Dr. Mahidhar Valeti’s Bariatric & Diabetic Surgery Center has world-renowned specialists from a variety of medical disciplines including cardiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, and Obstetrics who are available round the clock to provide our weight loss surgery patients with world-class preoperative and postoperative support and care.

Our center has state of the art infrastructure that is well-equipped to handle even a morbidly obese patient. We take advantage of cutting-edge medical tech to provide best of the results for our bariatric surgery patients.

We promised to take care… and delivered

Our Patient Testimonials

  • Obesity has affected my life in so many ways including business. Exercises and diet couldn't help at all. Befor the surgery I was 125kg  and now I am near to ideal weight... TQ Doctor
    Arjun Krishnan Obesity Patient
  • My weight was always at higher side since childhood. I have tried everything to reduce my weight. After the surgery and now I got a new life and I got rid obesity. I am indebted to Dr. Mahidhar.
    Mahesh Kar Obesity Patient
  • Despite my active lifestyle I reached 121Kgs and ended up with type 2 diabetes. I saw a significant weight reduction after the surgery and was able to stop my diabetes medication.
    Muralidharan Obesity & Diabetic Patient
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