Bariatric Surgery

What is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a surgical weight loss procedure performed to treat obesity. During Bariatric surgery the size of the stomach is altered to reduce the weight of the person over time. Bariatric surgery is one of the most successful and scientifical proven weight loss procedures available today.

Obesity is a root cause of many lifestyle ailments which can turn fatal if left unchecked. The bariatric surgery should be followed by dietary changes and lifestyle modification to achieve desired results. We at Dr. Mahidhar Valeti’s Bariatric & Diabetic Surgery Center are pioneers in this area with an experience of over 25+ years and performed over 20000+ GI & Bariatric surgeries in Hyderabad, India. Reduction of stomach size is achieved through any of the bariatric procedures the surgeon may deem fit for you.

Types of Bariatric Surgeries

Gastric Banding

Gastric banding surgery is a popular restrictive bariatric surgery and is one of the least invasive surgery for weight loss. The procedure involves placing a specially designed band/implant, around the upper portion of the stomach. It effectively creates a stomach with two connected compartments, with a smaller upper portion and larger bottom portion. A person eats enough food only to fill the top part of the stomach. After the surgery, the food passes slowly through the smaller upper portion into the remainder of the stomach during digestion.


Gastric sleeve surgery or sleeve gastrectomy is performed to reshape the stomach into a long pouch or sleeve resembling a banana. The remaining part of the stomach is completely removed leaving 15% of the stomach to process food. Removed part of the stomach is responsible for generating the hormone “Ghrelin” which makes you feel hungry. With it gone your appetite will decrease significantly helping your weight loss process.


Gastric Bypass surgery is a combination of restrictive & mal-absorptive procedures that reduces the stomach to the size of a small pouch. Regarded as a “Gold Standard” among bariatric surgeries, gastric bypass is performed since 50 years by various techniques. It gives proven reliable weight loss with minimal side effects. Our team at Obesithyd has unparalleled experience in performing Gastric Bypass surgery.


Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery is a weight loss procedure that is performed that is short, simple, successful and inexpensive technique. The mini gastric bypass surgery involves reduction of the size of the stomach.

Mini Bypass has been suggested as an alternative to the Roux-en-Y procedure, because of the relative simplicity of the surgery, minimal complications & faster recovery. It is a worthy long-term weight loss procedure with least invasiveness and shorter stay at the hospital.


For the great many of bariatric surgery patients, a single weight loss procedure delivers the substantial & sustainable weight loss without complications. However, for some, a single procedure may not provide the desired outcomes. A bariatric surgery patient may experience inadequate weight loss and in some rare cases medical complications from the surgery.

Our team offers revision bariatric surgery to modify previous weight loss surgeries. The benefits of revisional bariatric surgery can be remarkable.

Are you Eligible for Bariatric Surgery?

The bariatric surgery is the last resort when the patient faces high risk from obesity related health conditions. Overweight and obesity can cause various other lifestyle-related disorders that can eventually turn fatal to the patient. Although, obesity alone won’t cause fatality; it does increase the risk of health complications and is even more dangerous if an individual is already suffering from type-2 diabetes; hypertension, etc. Thus, in cases where the patient’s life is at risk due to the increasing weight if all the other options to reduce weight are exhausted, bariatric surgery is the last resort. Detailed evaluation of patients medical history is conducted prior to the recommendation of bariatric surgery.

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